On the grapevine

  • extra spice and lots of garlic
  • Balti source please
  • Balti source
  • Extra spice and lots of garlic
  • No sultanas or almonds please
  • Only 1 pilau rice. Samosa's instead please... :-)
  • Also 1 can of coke. I'm happy to pay up in delivery..
  • Mild not hot- no green chilli`s
  • Mashed potatoes please
  • No sultanas please
  • Extra spice please
  • Can this vegetable korma be cauliflower korma please?
  • medium not too hot
  • no pees please
  • Please can you make this dish spicy please!
  • Please provide a madras vegeyabke sauce with the bryani.
  • balti source please

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